Thursday, October 6, 2011

BAMMERS OF THE WEEK (Bocephus and Rogaine Edition):

Q - What do you get when you cross an uneducated, ignorant, out-of-touch, millionaire musician wearing a camouflage bama cap on Fox Television?  

A - The Bammer of the Week, of course.  This week's recipient is none other than Hank Williams, Jr. (a.k.a. "Bocephus").

Much more after the break (including the first ever Runner Up Bammer of the Week)...

As everyone has no doubt learned by now, Bocephus analogized the President of the United States to Hitler and referred to Obama as his enemy.  Yes, I get it - analogies are not really comparisons, so Bocephus didn't really say Obama was like Hitler, but that's not the point.  Some analogies are so full of overblown rhetoric and lacking in any sensibility that they implode in their own stupidity.  

Moreover, calling the President of the United States your "enemy" is akin to the musings of the religious zealot nutbags we are fighting in the Middle East and has no justification.  You can vehemently disagree with a President's policies and political leanings, but he is not your enemy, unless, of course, you are a boneheaded redneck.


In case you were wondering why Hank Jr. keeps his glasses on all the time, here's your answer:

Auburn fans love their Presidents, regardless of political affiliations, as evidenced here:

RUNNER UP BAMMER OF THE WEEK - Former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker.  Why?  Because when discussing the Bocephus matter on his morning radio show in Birmingham, Jay cluelessly and repeatedly pronounced John Boehner's last name as "Boner."  But that was only the latest mispronunciation in Jay's repertoire, which includes "pitcher" instead of "picture" and "thow" instead of "throw." 

And oh, by the way, Jay wears stupid looking caps to hide the fact that he is a Rogaine/Hair Club for Men failure.
(Goodness gracious, really?  At least it's not a camouflage bama cap.)

(Hey Jay - Tommy Tutone called and wants his tie back.)



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