Sunday, September 4, 2011


It appears that a major crime was committed in Auburn this weekend (no, we're not talking about the horrible defense that allowed 448 yards of offense by the Aggies... the Utah State Aggies).  After the Barn's last second, come-from-behind victory, a flash mob formed in downtown Auburn committing what can only be described as a "copycat" crime.  Fortunately, photos were taken of the mob and can be seen here:

Oh the humanity.  How could these people do so much damage to the trees.  To think that so many Barners could just walk by without saying anything to these evildoers is beyond belief.  The irony is that the Barners are killing the trees with a product made from... trees.  Though some may argue that these crimes were committed by angered Barners as a result of their team's poor performance, Barner officials stated that they did not plan to press charges.  Rather, the officials believe that the fans' actions were a form of euthanasia to put the trees out of their misery.  

We wonder what effect this apparent crime will have on Harvey Updyke's case later this fall.  Recall that Mr. Updyke is alleged to have poisoned the trees last winter.  Perhaps, however, Mr. Updyke's alleged actions were just misunderstood.  Perhaps Mr. Updyke was joining in the Barn's celebration of the 2010 BCS National Championship* by allegedly poisoning the trees.  After all, Barners having been celebrating wins (and a certain coach's death) for years by killing rolling the trees.  Perhaps Mr. Updyke allegedly just got carried away.

See the new Vote we have added at the top of the right sidebar on the Home page of The Tide and Tiger, which allows you to vote whether you think barn students rolled Toomers after Bear died.


  1. the money was too good

  2. bammer fans are douchey

  3. This site is freaking awesome, but the hammer who writes gets a little too childish at times. Case in point is this.

  4. Rammer Jammer's wifeSeptember 5, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    Sorry dear, but this just isn't funny. And I don't mean "not funny, I'm mad as hell"; I mean "not funny, where's the punch line?". I still love you though. WDE!

  5. Sometimes we don't understand why we married a barner...