Thursday, September 1, 2011


We found this Athlon Sports article very interesting, especially the anonymous quotes from rival SEC coaches about the 2011 version of the Tide.  Fortunately, we were able to find these "off the record" nuggets from current and former coaches:

Coach Paterno:  Alabama?  I remember those guys.  We had a heck of a game against them last year.  We had our chances last year, but that defense put up a heck of a goal line stand.  And no one prepares a team better then the Bear.  We're looking forward to hosting Coach Bryant this year.

Coach Dye: Mumble mumble mumble keep it down home cuz mumble mumble mumble Paul Paul mumble mumble mumble Jack Daniels on my ranch.

Coach Spurrier:  Waaaaah, why do they get more attention then me?

Coach Chizik:  Why didn't we pay Russell Wilson that extra $25k?  Are we still under investigation?

Darrell Hazell:  Is this worth $600k?

Bill Curry:  We have to play them again?

Les Miles:  If I could have 2 invisible spies to cover a field unit base coverage, we might be able to convert their flow from right to down but keep in mind that a shift in assignments will cover you so far but the ball won't bounce four ways if it's November.  Fourth and 12?  Let's go for it.

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