Sunday, September 4, 2011


We thought we'd share some random reflections on the Bama game and other goings on in the SEC and NCAA:  

  • The Kent State was a coaching game.  Sure, Bama won, but Coach Saban will have plenty of teaching moments (i.e. Saban will McCarron some folks) this week.  Five turnovers won't do.
  • DeAndrew White is as advertised, but he's got to sack up when he goes across the middle. 
  • Rob Bolden crapped his pants this morning watching some of the hits Bama made against Kent State.  On a separate note, Joe Paterno crapped his pants because he is old and has no control over his bowels
  • When it comes to running backs, Saban is like the spoiled little kid whose parents give him every toy he wants.  Jalston Fowler would start for most teams in the country.
  • We don't like the two quarterback system.  It seems like neither quarterback could keep momentum, and at times, it seemed like both were pushing a bit much.  That being said, McCarron earns the start against Penn State.  Please note that if you don't hear from us, it's likely because Saban had us black-bagged in the middle of the night for disagreeing with him (and we deserve it).
  • The Barn's Ted Roof should be commended for inventing a new defensive scheme called the strainer. The idea is to let bottom-dwelling WAC teams run through you like water as if they were Wisconsin.  
  • He has also implemented a new form of tackling called the whiff.
  • Coach Gene Chizik implemented his "It's a God Thing" strategy after the game last night, praying that the Aggie game isn't a preview of what's to come this season.
  • Is it just us, or was Isaiah Crowell's first carry the most anticlimactic moment of the day?  Can we say Jasper Sanks 2.0?
  • We do not understand how Boise State's win over a Georgia team that was 6-7 last year puts them on the inside track to the BCS National Championship game.  By that logic, the BCS National Championship game should be between BYU and Boise State.  That should be a barn-burner.  

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