Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today comes these new videos of Spirit's ill-fated flight last Saturday prior to the Mississippi State game.  The first video has the most dramatic and high-clarity footage of the impact yet.

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One YouTube commenter on the second video had this to say in response to the flight:

"What you can't see in the video, and most people missed all together was another large bird roosting in the rafters. If you watch the flight of the Eagle you can tell when he passes that spot, something catches he's eye. He immediately circled back and attacked that other large bird. It was very scary to be so close." 
{Link to Video and Comments on YouTube}. 

And so was born the "Other Bird" Theory. 

The Tide and Tiger could not accept the "Other Bird" Theory, because Spirit has shown over and over that he can land on a dime at the 50 yard line, and Spirit missing another bird by several feet and mistakenly head-butting a wall of glass simply wasn't feasible.  The Tide and Tiger did some investigating and uncovered something far more dastardly and disturbing than it could have ever imagined.

The following purports to be an image of the window into which Spirit flew:

Look closely at the very bottom of the picture, where a small shadowy circle like feature appears in the center.  With some high tech photographic enlargement software, The Tide and Tiger has discovered that the shadowy circle like feature was this intruder...

Magnified 2,834,159 times

Although the Tide and Tiger can't be certain, we believe Updyke snuck into the skybox and began baiting Spirit with that moronic elephant hat.  In response, Spirit did what wild animals do and attempted to re-enact a scene from National Geographic's When Animals Attack.  Although Spirit was unsuccesful, we have to applaud his effort, and we wish him better luck next time! 

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