Monday, September 26, 2011


Florida takes a shot at the Updykes...

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  1. I have also heard that 23 current Alabama players are driving brand new Dodge Chargers

  2. I just noticed the Sports by Brooks has run their Trent Richardson story again, twice in the past 24 hours, and about the 10th time since February and not one tide fan has either recommended boycotting his sponsors or even avoiding the website. I think when people are stupid (like you say Sheridan is stupid) and you are innocent then why worry?

    My thought it that AU fans think their program cannot survive the truth getting out. Just like Wayne Hall told Bowden he’d change his mind about paying players, most AU fans think they can’t win if they don’t pay players.

    If you aren't popular with the press you need to ask yourself why you aren't. Maybe you are just trying to hide from justice. These are not just local people in AU's stuff. They're primarily respected news sources.