Friday, September 2, 2011


Rammer Jammer thinks bama has a classier class of fans (I wanna kessss you Suzy Kobler).  What a joke.  Bammers are a jort wearing, mullet sporting, non-attending group of fans.  As support for RammerJammer's claim, he ignores this fact and avoids any mention of Updyke but submits Courtney Cox (second fiddle to Jenn Aniston), Sela Ward (yawn!) and Alec Baldwin (props!) as his proof.

For my part, the word "class" is not only overused but misused, especially in this context (and sports contexts in general).  Besides, didn't Updyke retire once and for all the debate about which team has the "clASSiest" fans?  The word "distinguished" is far more appropriate.  Accordingly, in response to RammerJammer's hand, BigBlueAub sees that bet, and raises RammerJammer with the following distinguished Auburn fans:

Apple CEO Tim Cook

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Legendary Hip Hop Artist Dr. Dre

Academy Award Winning Actor Leonardo Dicaprio

Rockers The Vaccines

Supermodel Molly Sims

Former CEO of Time, Inc. Don Logan

Just to name a few...

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