Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Utah State – Is Utah State this year’s Jacksonville State?  I doubt it, but don’t be surprised if the Aggies put up 24 points on the Barn in the season opener.  Fortunately for the Barn, their head coach brain trust sole hope offensive coordinator’s offense could be effectively run by my ten-month old son.  Barn 62, Utah State 24.

Mississippi State – The Newton bowl.  This could be the most hotly contested game of the year.  MSU, the team outbid outrecruited for $cam’s services, will be ready to takes its revenge for last year’s complete letdown.  This will be the game that exposes Auburn’s defensive weakness… everything.  Relf will look like the Heisman front-runner after this rout on the Plains.  MSU 42, Barn 21.

@ Clemson – Is there a difference between these two schools?  Maybe a lake.  To be honest with you, I don’t know much about Clemson.  I do know, however, that they are coached by former Bama player/coach Dabo Swinney.  That should be enough.  Clemson 35, Barn 14.

Florida Atlantic – Really?  Florida Atlantic?  Does it matter?  Barn wins.

@ South Carolina – A repeat from the 2010 SECCG.  Although I'm not sure who wins the "smoke-off" between Garcia and Dyer (College Football's version of Cheech and Chong), I'm positive the Cocks will penetrate right up the middle and score (did you see what I did there?).  Cocks 24, Barn 13.

@ Arkansas – Does Lowder fly up to this game?  That remains to be seen.  Although Malzahn will be wishing for Mustain, he'll have to settle for a young Frazier who will have a very rough homecoming.  Hogs 64, Barn 20.

FloridaMuschamp v. Chizik.  Former D cord. vs. Former D. cord.  I really wish this game could be decided by judging which head coach gives the best chest bump.  Unfortunately for the Barn, they'd lose either way.  UF 23, Barn 13. (Side prediction... Muschamp's forehead will be bleeding by the second quarter)

@ LSU – By this point in the season, Mecklenburger should be the starter.  He will surely rape abuse torch the Barn's defense for a record-breaking day.  LSU 45, Barn 0.

Ole Miss – Although Houston Nutt has always had the Barn's number, Malzahn will take his revenge in a squeaker.  Barn 3, Ole Miss 2.

@ Georgia – Isaiah Crowell finally lives up to the hype, albeit against the NCAA's worst rushing defense.  Still not enough to save Richt's job.  UGA 24, AU 10.

Samford – Bwahahaha.

Alabama -  The Iron Bowl.  Jordan-Hare will be electric after the little birdie lands on the field.  Fans will be screaming, the band will be playing and the Barners will believe they have a chance.  That is until Trent Richardson takes the opening kick-off to the house.  Bama 38, AU 0.

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